Happy Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day here are 5 things I love about my Mom!

photo 1

5. She is and always has been my constant (and sometimes very loud) cheerleader.

4. Growing up she was insistent that I understand the importance of the Golden Rule, “Always treat people the way you want to be treated”. I cannot tell you the number of times I heard those words come out of her mouth! It sunk in though; it’s how I try to live my life every day.

3. After nearly a decade of flying back and forth from my home in Los Angeles to where I grew up in Minnesota, she still cries every time I depart. It’s endearing and cute.

2. She’s festive, always! It’s one of the many things I inherited from her, that and being a total basket case! :)

1. She’s compassionate and kind and thoughtful and my best friend for life in the way only a mom can be.

photo 2

Hug your mom; tell her you love her and always keep her close.

Happy Mother’s Day!