Fall Beauty Trends with Jamie Greenberg

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie GreenbergJamie Greenberg

She’s the type of girl you want to grab drinks with this weekend. She’s spunky, witty & playful. She’s celebrity makeup artist and You Tube extraordinaire, Jamie Greenberg. Naturally when I sat down to chat with her we discussed things like Uggs, hot apple cider and blue lipstick. If that tickles your fancy, then by all means, read on!

HA: I’m already on the fall train; I’ve left summer behind. Let’s talk about fall beauty trends!
JG: I am with you girl, I am with you girl! Boots, boots and more boots, I’m putting my Uggs on as we speak.

I personally love this Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette for fall!

HA: Ha! Do you have a color palette you’re excited about for fall?
JG: I’m really excited to get back into the berries and the wines. It’s funny because I think you’re so used to the vibrancy of summer that when fall comes back it’s just such a great change, it’s so rustic and so muted. You’re going to see that the berry this season is anything from a light berry stain all the way to like black, like Goth. I’m excited for that! We’re still with the clean skin and the brows are a little more shaped this season. You’re going to see a lot of cocoa, black cocoa so thats a nice mix. I love it, I feel like in LA you don’t really get seasons but the make up is seasonal. It makes me feel like I just want to get a hot cup of apple cider and sit by the fire.

HA: …..On your bearskin rug?
JG: Exactly!

HA: What are your tips to keep your face from melting off in the humidity?
JG: It’s all about really melding your make up into your skin. So if you’re going to wear BB creams and foundations, put them on with a really dense blending brush, like Tart makes a really good, thick microphone brush. You literally just blend it into your skin so that it almost looks like you can’t see where the make up and the skin separate. Then use waterproof products, I’m really obsessed with Thrive Causemetics. They have waterproof pencils that are amazing, you can swim in them and they won’t go anywhere. You can actually swim in their fake lashes and their adhesive glue and it doesn’t go anywhere. That’s a really good tip!

HA: Do you have any make up tips that were passed down to you from your mother or grandmother that you have taken into your adult life?
JG: It’s funny, my mom growing up she always curled her hair because she had straight hair and she always seemed to touch her face up before she went out anywhere. My grandmother too, she always had to have her brows on before she left the house (says in a New Jersey style Jewish mom accent) and her hair done and if it rained she’d put like a bag over her head.

I think it was just a nice reminder that it’s good to be somewhat presentable all of the time. It keeps you in check whether you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or you’re married. Sometimes just a little touch of something to freshen you up can make you feel better & give you a little more confidence.

HA: What are your tips for combatting dark circles?
JG: Dark circles a lot of times are genetic but I think that a lot of it can be caused by not enough water, dehydration, not enough sleep, too much alcohol and eating. I noticed a significant difference in my dark circles when I started to eat cleaner and get more sleep and drink more water and stay off all the bad stuff. I abused my body when I was in my twenties and now that I’m in my late thirties, did I just say that out loud?! My late thirties, UGH!! I have really started to take better care of myself and it makes a difference. Nobody wants to hear that you need more sleep and that you can’t stay out in the club until three in the morning and don’t drink all that alcohol but it really does make a difference.

What you put in your body you will see under your eyes.

 HA: What is your go-to tip for celebs on the red carpet?
JG: My go-to tip is to express the best version of themselves. So instead of trying to create a mask of some sort for this personality I like to look at the dress and look at the hair and then look at how they’re feeling that day and then really accentuate their own vibe. If I can throw a trend in there, I will!

HA: Are you a trend-pusher Jamie?!
JG: I really try to stick true to the vibe and how they’re feeling that day. I remember I did the Grammy’s a couple years ago with Kaley Cuoco and she was just like in a really rock and roll kind of vibe and we went Goth! She doesn’t even really wear lip color that often!

HA: Was that the dark purple-y plum look I remember?
JG: YES! It was so out of her comfort zone but we were in the mood. So I just try to capture how the person is feeling and really how to bring out their best version of themselves that particular day.

HA: What is it like working with Kaley?
JG: She’s the best! In fact during this 2-day summit I came upon this little trend that I actually want to try with her, which is a blue lip, and I want to try to convince her to do it! Anastasia came out with this color named Paint and I wore it today and I was getting used to it but it’s full on blue, like Smurf lip. It’s crazy! So I don’t know maybe she’ll do it and maybe she won’t but she does like to experiment, she’s fun. We send each other pictures when we see things we like.

HA: What is a drugstore beauty product you swear by?
JG: I have a couple! NYX butter gloss, I think it’s the bomb.com! It’s a lip gloss and it comes in a plethora of colors. But if you want like the perfect nude, they have a more coral nude; they have a pinker nude. It’s a beautiful coverage and it’s just a great, cheap lip gloss that looks super expensive. And then I love, love Aquaphor.

HA: What do you think is the biggest misconception about make up artists?
JG: I think make up artists wear as little make up as they can get away with and then if you see them out at something special, we’ll throw a lip on or maybe I’ll just do my eyes. But for the most part we’re pretty under the radar, we’re worrying about them, not us.

Thanks for the sit-down Jamie, next time let’s do it over cocktails! (I’ll leave you to the fireside bearskin rug and apple cider.)



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