Catching Up with Michelle Phan

Hadley Avenue catches up with Michelle Phan at the ICON Creator Summit in Los Angeles. #hadleyavenue

She has over 7.8 million YouTube followers. Her videos have been viewed over a billion times! (Yes you read that correctly, billion with B.) She’s launched her own make up line with beauty giant L’Oreal. And to top it all off, she can now add author to her impressive résumé all by the tender age of 28 years young. Oh and she’s SUPER nice! Meet digital beauty pioneer and major overachiever, Michelle Phan.

Earlier this year Michelle also partnered with Endemol Beyond USA to launch ICON, a lifestyle network on YouTube offering a community for digital content creators to share their stories and hopefully inspire their viewers. Says Michelle,

“ICON is something I wish I had when I was first started out on YouTube. I was on my own and it was really hard because I didn’t have anyone that could mentor me, I didn’t have the resources I needed. My first video was shot on a webcam! Today I shoot with incredible cameras and sometimes even like with my phone but the fact is I have access to all these resources. It made my life easier”.

So to pay it forward Ms. Phan hosted the first annual ICON Creator Summit this past week in Los Angeles. Leslie Morgan, Vice President of Programming at Endemol Beyond USA and Michelle curated a list of 16 attendees with fan bases big and small for the two-day vlogger bootcamp. Says Morgan “As part of ICON we have an ambassador program where we literally are hand-picking smaller, up and coming creators who, like Michelle said are the diamonds in the rough.” Adds Michelle “Especially Melanie, she’s from Ireland. She literally said, “I live in the middle of nowhere”! But we found her.” Check out the video below to take a peak at what these lucky ladies and gents got into at the first ever ICON summit!

Michelle’s expert advice for those of us who don’t have a billion views and might be a bit intimidated or overwhelmed in the beginning? “I think one of the most important things any creator can do who wants to start but is hesitant and wants to build that confidence is research. Go online and research. This is what I really want to shine some light on for anyone out there who doesn’t feel that confidence, just research. Because the more you research and the more you know, the more confident you’re going to feel and the more you’re going to finally say, I’m going to do it, I’m going to film a video, I’m going to start my channel and I’m just going to start today.

 Thanks for the pep-talk girl! For more awesome advice head over to the black hole that is Michelle’s YouTube channel! With 100’s of videos it’s much like the Hotel California, you can check it out but you can never leave!