Alyssa Milano…Paper towel designer?

Sitting down with Alyssa Milano, designer, philanthropist and television veteran since the tender age of 7, you expect a certain amount of bravado. You know, that air of being untouchable that most celebrities wear like a badge of honor? Turns out with Alyssa, what you see is what you get. She is honest and kind and not afraid to drop the F bomb. It was quite refreshing, actually.

Hadley Avenue interviews Alyssa Milano! #hadleyavenueI had the opportunity to meet her and have a quick chat at the Palihouse in West Hollywood. She has teamed up with Viva® Brand to design a line of paper towels that aren’t hideous. I know! It’s kind of revolutionary. I habitually purchase the plain white ones in lieu of the disastrous roosters and horrid paisley prints that adorn every other brand. But Alyssa’s signature designs, now those I can get behind. We also chat about Europe, her future in television and Roman tomatoes. Yep, we pretty much cover all the bases, the important ones anyway.

HA: Alyssa Milano, how did you come to design paper towels?!
AM: They approached me for this and I thought, this is a no-brainer for me. Why wouldn’t you want something beautiful on your kitchen counter?

And in fact, why didn’t anyone think of it before, it’s just so smart!

Alyssa Milano teams up with Viva® Brand to transform traditional paper towels into kitchen couture with the launch of the Alyssa Milano Signature Designs by Viva® Towels. #hadleyavenue

HA: I’m headed to Europe and would love to know your go-to spots?
AM: I love London. I feel like London has it’s own really specific vibe that inspires me to maybe like write a novel. There’s something very, it’s interesting because it’s obviously very old-world which I love all of Europe for this reason, but also its got just this very young vibe to it that I love too. And Rome is amazing. Wait until you taste the food in Rome. Like wait until you taste a tomato.

The first time you taste a tomato in Rome, I want you to think of me. And I want you to think of me saying, “That’s what a tomato is supposed to taste like.”

HA: I love tomatoes!
AM: Oh you’re going to freak out. I was actually talking to a chef there and he said the greatest thing to me which makes complete sense, which is, Italy is the food that is never refrigerated. Meaning it’s fresh from delivery, you don’t ever to refrigerate it because they just make it fresh. There are no preservatives. You could have pasta and ice cream every single day and not gain a pound because there’s no preservatives. I’m not kidding, it’s crazy. (I’m holding you to this, girlfriend!)

HA: What’s up next for you in the world of television?
AM: I mean I’ve been very blessed in the TV world for sure. My priorities have definitely shifted. I will not take a job that doesn’t allow me to be home with my kids as much as humanly possible. It needs to shoot here 100%. And it needs to be an ensemble so that I’m not working 70 hours a week, that I can go in for a couple days and have time to spend with the kids. At least right now because I feel like I’ve lived a very successful life in television and to me there’s nothing that is as important as really enjoying this time, not only in my life, but my kids lives. I was at work the day Milo walked for the first time and I didn’t get to see it. I promised myself that is not going to happen with Elisabella. I will be there the first time she walks. So I’m really just trying to take a breath which by the way is not the easiest thing for someone that’s been working since she was 7 because I feel like I need to be doing it. It’s important that I have this time with them; it goes by so fucking fast it’s crazy!

Along with this fabulous line of paper towels, she also just released the third chapter of her Hacktivist comic book series, has expanded her sport’s line Touch and has a one year old that is seconds from walking….turns out her attempt at a “break” is actually a bit laughable. Not to mention her philanthropic efforts on top of it all! Sheesh! Someone beer me.