10 Man Buns that will make your day

Definition: man • bun
/mmm’an b(uuh)n/
An adult male human being with an unusually sexy hairstyle in which
he firmly knots his hair into the shape of a bun.
Synonyms: bro knot, stallion tail.
Abbreviation: mun.

“Sarah, check out the seriously sexy man bun on that guy.”

See also, panty dropper.

10 Man Buns that will make your day! #hadleyavenue


1. The Man Bun & the Mop


2. Tank you, tank you very  much


3. The un-done Man Bun


4. What’s so bun(ny)?


5. Bun of Steel


6. Jeans? Check. Tee? Check. Bun? Check.


7. Samurai touch your bun?


8. Bunning in 3d


9. 1/2 Man Bun, 1/2 Beast


10. To Bun, or not to Bun?